Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

We want you to get the best of both worlds in your business practices, which is why we have created an environment that caters to the administrative needs of your business with a visual appeal that is reminiscent of a high-end corporate setting. 

Our serviced offices come fully furnished and equipped with access to the latest technology available, including our high speed photocopier, Amcom high speed internet and telephone system and access to a range of different office equipment.



Our workstations offer the same corporate, professional feel as our offices. Whether you are looking to hire desk space by the hour, day, week or month – we are flexible enough to handle it.

The workstations are ideal for clients looking for a cost effective alternative to their own private office and desire access to all of our facilities. It is a perfect entry level opportunity to become part of the serviced office environment.


Floor Plan

Ground Floor


First Floor
Information Schedule
Ground Floor
   Office  498.7 m2
   Warehouse 202.5 m2
   Amenities 1 35.5 m2
   Tea 4.9 m2
   Comms 23.2 m2
   Amenities 2 13.3 m2
First Floor
   Office 72.5 m2
   Lunch Room 32.4 m2
TOTAL AREA 883.0 m2
Individual Offices 
Ground Floor
   Office 1 14.9 m2
   Office 2 13.0 m2
   Office 3 9.7 m2
   Office 4 9.8 m2
   Office 5 9.1 m2
   Office 6 9.9 m2
   Office 7 9.7 m2
   Office 8 9.8 m2
   Office 9 10.7 m2
   Office 10 11.4 m2
   Office 11 8.2 m2
   Office 12 9.5 m2
   Open Office 1 33.5 m2
   Open Office 2 47.5 m2
   Open Office 3 46.8 m2
First Floor
   Office 1 13.2 m2


  • Are there multiple sized serviced offices?

    Yes, we have a variety of different sized offices that can cater for 1 to 3 people.

  • Are there storage facilities?

    There are also storage facilities available to hire outside of your office if required, including lockable cupboards and compacts space.

  • Are there shower facilities?

    Our offices also have access to separate male and female toilet and shower facilities.

  • Can I store my bike?

    Yes, there is also plenty of secure space to store your bicycle if you ride to work.

  • Can I personalize my cubicle?

    Cubicles are partitioned and offer a dedicated workspace area that allows you to personalise your own area and set up your desk according to your own requirements.

  • How do workstations work for multiple staff members?

    Our workstations are also ideal for businesses that have multiple staff members. The layout is such that you could have a small group of support staff working together but slightly separate to the rest of the office.  You also have the option to hire one or more workstations directly outside your office so that your entire team is in one section together.

Photo Gallery

Curious what we look like on the inside? Feel free to go through our photo gallery to check out our offices, facilities and more.

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